World's Largest Banking System runs on which Database?

The world’s largest core banking system is FIS Core Banking system. The FIS banking system is ranked #1by inntron. The database powering this system is GT.M. It’s is a NoSQL Database that provide extreme transaction support.


NoSQL architecture changes considerably by brand name. For a more detailed information on NoSQL, please click here for details.

New products are necessary to take advantage of agile development - for example, continuous integration tools, automated testing, and flexible databases. SQL databases, which require a schema defined upfront and subsequent (and costly) database migrations as schemas change, are more difficult to use with agile methods and impossible to use in a continuously integrated environment without significant additional engineering.

NoSQL ( “not only SQL” )  database are  non-relational, distributed, schema-less and horizontally scalable next generation databases which support agile development by freeing developers from upfront and evolving schema specification.

Facebook, for example, changes its codebase many times daily. It also emphasizes keeping software working throughout the development process. Having a launch able product at the end of each small work unit also makes sure that bugs are eliminated quickly and early, making future development more efficient, and increasing flexibility at design and implementation time.