Microservices Have Macro Effect

Microservices are not a type of technology, but rather an approach to IT architecture. By using a suite of tools like APIs, containers and cloud, microservices break applications into simple, discrete services.

APIs are at the heart of technology based partnerships, which is why microservices are so critical to any business looking to build partnerships at scale. APIs are the pathways by which businesses make services and data available to partners.

APIs are built down to the level of individual services. The result is a library of APIs—mapped to specific services, covering every part of each application—all of which can be made easily available to potential partners. Leading companies have already jumped ahead with microservices transformations, starting the clock for those that hope to keep up.

Notable digital-born companies, such as Google and Netflix, are pioneers— every Google search calls more than 70 microservices to generate results— but they’re increasingly joined by other industry leaders like Comcast and Capital One.