Tableau - Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics

Tableau's highly intuitive, visual-based data discovery, dashboarding, and data mashup capabilities have transformed business users' expectations about what they can discover in data and share without extensive skills or training with a BI platform.


  • Tableau offers an intuitive, visual-based interactive data exploration experience that customers rate highly, and that competitors, large and small, try to imitate.
  • Core differentiator — making a range of types of analysis (from simple to complex) accessible and easy for the ordinary business user, whom Tableau effectively transforms into a "data superhero." Enabling business users to perform more complex types of analysis without extensive skills or IT assistance 
  •  A high percentage of users also said they chose its platform because of its low cost to implement; Tableau customers reported one of the lowest implementation costs per user of any vendor in the survey. 


  • Although Tableau's average user count continues to grow and was above the market average in this year's customer survey, its products are often used to complement an existing BI platform standard; only 42% of its customers considered it as their BI standard.
  • New shoots of innovation relating to the automation of advanced analytics are emerging from vendors like IBM (Watson Analytics), which could threaten the dominance of the Tableau-based data discovery paradigm. Although these efforts have had limited success to date, the stakes are high for the incumbent vendors that are losing new license purchases to data discovery vendors such as Tableau.
  • Gartner's inquiries reveal that customers often view Tableau as inflexible in contract negotiations and complain that its 25% annual maintenance fee is higher than those of most other vendors.
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