Hyperledger Project - Fabric, Sawtooth Lake. What's all this?

The Hyperledger Project is managed by the Linux Foundation and NOT by IBM – which is key because the Project is meant to incubate more than just IBM’s offering. IBM initially contributed what was then called ‘Open Blockchain’ and is now called ‘Fabric’, and arguably that is the biggest / highest profile project. Intel has contributed ‘Sawtooth Lake’, which is their blockchain technology that introduces PoET (Proof of Elapsed Time) consensus. Other noteworthy projects include ‘Iroha’ (a C++ blockchain platform) and ‘Cello’ (rapid blockchain deployment to cloud platforms). The idea is that Hyperledger rather than being a single platform (a la Ethereum) will be more akin to the Apache Project, with multiple projects under one umbrella that will be open source, freely available, and ideally have some measure of interoperability.
As for Fabric itself, it is at the v0.6 level with the v1.0 release due in March. When IBM talks about their ‘IBM Blockchain’ offering it is in fact the Hyperledger Fabric with some enterprise capabilities thrown in (e.g. Blockchain on Bluemix). Hyperledger themselves just make the code and some documentation available, but for a much better introduction check out www.developerworks.com/blockchain for introductory materials and coding tutorials. And if interested go to the hyperledger.org site sign up for various mailing lists (from overall steering committee and announcements to individual projects to topics like architecture, identity, SDKs, etc.).