1000's of table

Came across this article on managing relational data from a very different perspective. Typically relational design in OLTP grows to 100’s of tables. When we have 100’s of table, we require each business change to have schema changes defined upfront, are more difficult to use with agile methods and a challenge to use in a continuously integrated environment without significant additional engineering.

The below article is about Workday and how it manages data in an ACID transactional support database like Oracle or MySQL and still NOT have 1000’s of table.

Workday has some smart way on how it handles it data. Workday’s whole database – data and metadata alike – is persisted to disk in <10 MySQL/InnoDB tables. MySQL is basically just being used as a key-value store, albeit one with ACID transactional support.

Workday architecture -


1000s of tables